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The LoadController E-series electronic onboard weighing systems for Trucks, Agricultural Vehicles, and Earthmoving Machinery are among the top non-certified systems. Industrial-grade components ensure accuracy and trouble-free, long lifespan.

Electronic onboard weighing systems are particularly beneficial for types of transportation where various types of cargo are frequently loaded and unloaded, and where the weight of the cargo determines the pricing of the service. This includes container transport, tanker transport, tippers, bulk, and silo transport.

Optimal loading leads to optimal vehicle efficiency; overloading results in unnecessary costs due to fines and time loss from extra trips to a weighbridge. Underloading, of course, results in lower vehicle efficiency and unnecessary losses.

Voor toepassing op landbouwaanhangers is een specifieke versie ontwikkeld welke waterdicht is maar toch een directe bediening van het toetsenbord mogelijk maakt.



Optional availability of printers, thermal compact, or HD dot matrix printers, for printing weighbridge tickets in various formats.

WIFI Module

Externally mounted Wi-Fi module for wireless connection with Android smartphones for various applications.

Standaard Android app

Wirelessly read weights remotely from the weighing system via the Standard Android App.

LoadSync Android App

Wirelessly retrieve logged weigh data remotely from the memory of the weighing system via the Standard LoadSync Android App.

Windows PC LoadManagement

LoadManagement: Windows-based back-office PC program for further analysis of weigh data from the LoadSync app and generation of various reports.



The LoadController system is essentially applicable to any type of box truck (with or without a trailer) and to any common tractor/trailer combination. It can be used with air-sprung, hydraulically sprung, and leaf-sprung vehicles. With every vehicle configuration, the driver can see the weight of each individual axle.

Agricultural vehicles:

The LoadController system is also applicable to practically any agricultural tractor with an air- or hydraulically suspended trailer. A specific version for this application provides the user with additional functionality in daily operations.

Wheel loaders, telehandlers, and front loaders:

The LoadController system is also available for application on wheel loaders, telehandlers, and front loaders. The system dynamically measures during the lifting movement, eliminating any time loss during operation. Variations in lifting speeds are automatically compensated for by intelligent software. The system can be supplied with temperature compensation, allowing the machine to weigh accurately both with a cold engine and with the engine at operating temperature.